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Is it too early for Christmas lights?

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Christmas time is here!!!!  Well....... not officially but it feels that way.  Bobby and I went to SDC on Saturday and just seeing the millions of lights has put me in the holiday spirit. Since temps are suppose to be in the 60's this weekend, is it wrong for me wanting to go ahead and put up the lights  IF I just don't turn them on?

I know what you are saying. "Why put them up early?"   Here is the main reason, If I put  up the lights early its because I am saving ME time for later on.  I am on the only person in our household that decorates. My husband and kids hate to put up lights outside, so if I want lights, then I put them up myself. 

Anybody else put up lights yet?  I did see some Halloween lights, When do you put up your holiday lights and turn them on?


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