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Look at my Derma Health Procedure!

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 Why do we have to get old?  Why do we have to LOOK old?  I may not be able to change that age number but I can change the way I age inside my body, face and the outside of my body.

It's just not fair how guys can look more distinguished, and softer as they age, where as women look maybe a little harsher, sharper, and saggy.

  I refuse to go older without fighting that is why, obviously, I have teamed up with Derma Health  Here are some pictures of me as I get my first Sublative Rejuvenation procedure.  This particular practice  didn't hurt, it felt like a rubberband snapping on your skin with each zap.  This prcedure builds collagen from the inside to fill scars, wrinkles and acne pits.

Periodically I will post  new pictures so you can see my before and after shots.  


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