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Flu season is starting early!

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Yep- I can testify that "Flu Season" is officially here!  I know YOU are sooooo excited!   I am pretty certain that I have one strain of the virus right now and I must tell you- its a doosy!  

    If you like achy body parts, sneezing, chills, coughing and sleeplessness... you MUST try my version. How did I get it? Well, I am pretty certain I received the wonderful germs on a flight  out of Destin, Florida last week.  There was a guy who keep sniffing and cough all over me. I wish I would have had some Clorox Disinfection Spray- I would have sprayed him up and down for each sniffle.

I am currently on day 6 of this wonderful journey.  Bobby is pretty certain I made him sick,. I probably did- but I think I did that BEFORE I got the flu.   Cash holds his breath the entire time I talk with him. The only thing that is saving Curly is, that she is on vacation this week.  Oh, the joy of giving germs!

Here is some advice for you.    Do remember to get a Flu shot!   Anyone over the age of 6 mos old can get one, it really will help you avoid this nastiness.  Contact your doctor If you are chronically ill, pregnant, or are a smidge older.  Please try to shield yourself from this yuckiness!

Also, heed these words...DON'T come to work sick like I did.  Believe it or not your boss or co-workers don't look at you like you are the best "team player."   They will actually talk behind your back and tell you that you are an idiot for coming into work sick, and please stop infecting all of them!

  This is what I have encountered, and what YOU will encounter,  if you have so much as a little sniffle. Friends will make crosses in thin air trying to ward off you, and your sickness. Co-workers will spray stuff  at  your face. People will actually RUN away - as if you are a leper. 

Can you blame them?   All I can say is they better be nice to ME or  I will lick their coffee cup!



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