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Could you live in an apartment that was only 150 square feet?

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 What????  Crazy, if you ask me!  An apartment only 150 feet total? That would barely be enough space for my shoes.  What happened to the BIG houses? You know the kind- enough space that you wouldn't have to see anyone in your family for weeks?  .A four to five thousand square foot home with a 3 car garage- awwwwww.

In San Francisco HUGE homes are just not sensible any longer. Space is a hot commidity so downsizing is the popular answer.

 In this video- check out the "new"  apartments. Most have under 200 square feet the most popular being built is just 150 square feet!  Think about it......that is the size of a large parking spot or a small camper.

Change can be good- people are saving on utility bills and they just dont need a bunch of "stuff". Could you do it?  I dont think I could- after all where would I put  my husband Mark?



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