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Bacon Shortage???? Say it isn't so!!!!

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NO NO NO!  Did I just read that right?  A bacon shortage?????  Holy Cow- or should I say Holy Pig!  I LOVE bacon!  Matter of fact, I think it should be a condiment and have all the restaurants put a bowlful of bacon on each table! YUM!!!!

  I was reading Yahoo News, when up pops the ugly headline “Bacon Shortage” Of course that got my attention.  I don’t think I will be able to survive a bacon shortage.   I just LOVE bacon!  Bacon and eggs, BLT’s, bacon wrapped filets, bacon bits in my salad and on my potatoes and I just recently fell in love with Burger Kings “Bacon Chocolate Sundaes”!  What will I use instead of bacon? Beef bits? Beef jerky? UGH!

  Maybe I should look into raising pigs!   I am sure my neighbors would adore me even more!    New problems will arise if I do raise pigs. What  will the cost will be for a pen, a mud hole and fencing?  PLUS, knowing me, I am  pretty sure I would become so attached to the piglets, that when they grew up I wouldn’t be able to take them to the meat packing plant.

There seems to be only one way to get my bacon. Anyone want to go halvsies on a porker?    I only want the bacon…..ok, maybe a chop or two….. Oh, and a ham,  I do love the shoulders, and don’t forget the tenderloin!   On second thought, maybe I should just buy my own pig.

Wow..... first a bacon shortage….what next an egg shortage?  That will just crack me up!



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