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What a Suprise??? I still can't get on Pinterest!

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    Can you believe it- Curly Clark is calling me names!!   "Poor Summer" to be exact.  The reason? It has to do with my Pinterest Account. 

    Oh sure, I was finally "invited" by Pinterest to join their wonderful "club".  I was excited!  I filled out all the information  and signed in with a password which I would "never" forget, and started pinning! 

The very next day,  I tried to log-in- you guessed it!   Wrong password!  For the life of me I cannot remember what I put in that rectangular box. I have tried everything that is common to me- Nada.

The good news is.... I have noticed I am getting quite a little following. Every time someone finds me on Pinterest, I get a notification that someone is "following me!"  Great!    I wish they would  have "followed" me to my desk and looked over my shoulder as I logged on to Pineterest that very first time.  Maybe then, someone could have told me what my log-in name and password  is, so that I might one day log back in! That would have been awesome!    

Yes- Curly is right, its "Poor Summer".  In the meantime I will look over her shoulder and see what cool things she and others have pinned.



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