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Emergency Checklist..... are you ready?

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Ok Hurricane Issac is coming ashore- though we probably won't get anything but rain, are you prepared for severe weather?  Do you have an emergency plan? Check list?


Home is where you can do the most to be prepared. But remember that you are only home for about 1/2 of the hours in a day. You must also be prepared at work, and have additional supplies in your car.

Strap gas appliances to walls or floor, especially the water heater. Remember your water heater is a large source of water, and weighs several hundred pounds when full. A four hundred pound water heater will break gas lines on its way to the floor. Gas appliances are a real danger in an earthquake, and are the cause of most fires after a quake.

The water heater is strapped to the wall.
Know where to shut off the water, power, and gas and have placed the tools at each location.
Make sure your house is bolted to its foundation.
Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections. These are potential fire risks. Brace overhead light fixtures.
Replace solid gas lines with flexible lines on stoves, water heaters, and dryers.
Nail plywood on top of ceiling joists inside the attic to protect people from chimney bricks that could fall through the ceiling.
Anything that would have fallen on someone's head has been secured to the wall.
Move the bleach and ammonia to separate locations.
Know the unsafe locations in the house.
Make an emergency plan and know escape routes and meeting places.
Emergency lighting has been installed in selected outlets.
Know the location of the nearest police, fire station, and hospital.
Know which neighbors have medical experience.
Talk with neighbors about emergency preparedness.
Your neighbors have keys to your house, and they know how to turn off your utilities.
Your neighbors also have a list of your important phone numbers.
Your household has conducted a home evacuation drill.
Your children know how to get help from neighbors and 911.
Each family member carries a family photo.
Evaluate what supplies your family needs to store.
Have the proper amount of water stored for emergency use.
Store emergency food supplies.
Store cooking items for emergency use.
Store emergency items to use as shelter.
Have a first aid kit.
Store emergency lighting equipment.
Have stored items to keep in touch with the world.
Have positioned tools that you will need in an emergency.
Store sanitation supplies.
Store supplies for the baby.
Stored misc. supplies including money for emergency use.

You may want to make a copy for your own preparedness!

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