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Summer is here!!

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I have waited for this day since..... uh, last year....Summertime!!  Officially the Summer Solstice kicks in at 6:09 CDT.  Which means today is the longest day of the year and possibly will be one of the warmest since temps are to climb into the 90's.  

   Take lots of precautions if you must be in this kind of weather, the heat and humidity will really zap your body and your endurance for strenuous activities.  It will be easy to get exhaustion  or even heat stroke  if you don't drink lots of liquids and stay hydrated as in water not alcohol.

If you must do work- try to plan it so its in the early morning hours or later in the evening.

Fun stuff for the kids-

1, make your own slip and slide- get a long sheet of plastic at Wal-Mart, Lowes or even Home Depot ad a little soap and lots of water and have some fun!  

2. Remember when your Mom made Koo-laid ice pops?  What a great inexpensive and  cool treat for the kids!   

 3. Go to the Pool, or the library- both will cool you off and have some fun.  Lots of activities at the library- usually free from crafts to learning how to cook with the kids.. 

Enjoy your summer!!!  Thanks for listening and reading....  

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