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He's still alive........

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We almost had a death in my family over the weekend… Friday- husband Marks birthday dinner plans with friends at Primas nothing like a nice cold Margarita after a long work week….. Mark came home before changing his clothes he went to the shop and was going to load our 6500 lb pulling tractor onto a trailer so that we can get put some side shields on….. Mark decided to charge up the battery before loading it…. He was standing beside the tractor when he turned the ignition over. The tractor was in 4th gear and took off like a shot from a rifle- Mark ran along for as long as he could as he tried desperately trying to knock it out of gear- he then had to fall down and pray the tractor wheels didn’t run over him… they didn’t but the wheelie bars which are 14 inches off the ground did.  The tractor continued on a runaway path thru the shop door breaking off airlines, electricity, and breaking the shop trust…. It stops only because the wheelie bars get caught on some concrete foundations but the tractor tires continue to spin. My youngest son hops on board and kicks the tractor out of gear then checks on his dad who slowly gets up from the garage floor.   Mark hobbles to the tractor where I run out wondering what the heck is going on because I had heard a huge explosion sound….. I immediately try to get Mark to go to the hospital- which he refuses he just wants to go to dinner and get away from this mess…. He changes clothes and off we went. While there I secretly had each of our friends buy him a HUGE beer. When he was feeling no pain I drove him to urgent care where I led him in like a horse to water….we had x-rays and a doctor look at him, and Mark was very sweet to the doctors  the good news was we found out that there were no broken bones just a wrenched knee and a twisted shoulder plus countless black and blue spots and a pair of ripped jeans. I have never been so scared in my life……. If my husband ever does that again- we will have a funeral because I’m going to kill him


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