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Volunteering is FUN!!!!

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Who would have thought I could help build a house??????   I actually made a difference in someone life yesterday.  No I am NOT the best "caulker" around but I sure had a ball!

You know, volunteering is weird.  You almost always hate or even dread going to the place you are giving up your time to, but  once you are there you actually are happy to be "giving back".   Its a "natural high" you get when you  know you are helping someone.   I get this same feeling when I give blood, read to some first graders at Republic or in this case build a house.

Wanna help out?  Each Tuesday, for the next 5 months, I will try to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity with my friend Rachel from 106.7 The River.  We would be honored if you too, want to get a "natural high" by helping a family get back on their feet with a brand new home!  You can call the KTTS business line at 865.4416. It really is fun to make a difference!!!


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