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No insurance deductable?

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No deductable?  WHAT?

After kayaking, was loading boats into the back of my friends truck and I pushed the last one up into the bed. I heard a little bump as I pushed and didn't think anything of it, but I guess the nose of those kayaks are more deadly than I thought.

BAM - Busted the back window, or one third of it, cause it's one of those fancy back windows that opens up.  Well don't I feel like big hippo's hiney.

I offered to pay for it.  - "No, it's an accident" - And I caused it. - "Don't worry about it, **** happens and it no big deal" - It's a big deal to me, so let me pay for it. - "I'll turn it in and the insurance will cover it." - Then let me pay for the deductable. - "Just stop, it's not a big deal, forget about it."

That's how the conversation went. And I went home feeling awful.

Next day, I find out, it will be replaced FREE. Ya, FREE.

Talk to my friend who has "no deductable" on insurance for replacing glass!!

Maybe I should help pay the insurance premium....cause that baby has to be crazy high, don't ya think?

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