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Why not a brand new one?

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I had our little suv in for an oil change at the dealership, so while waiting on it, I wandered the lot looking at other vehicles.

A sales guy comes up and asks if he can help me with anything and I said "naw, I'm just killing time till my vehicles done in the service department"...

He asked what kind of vehicle I had, how old it was, how many miles I had on it. Don't get me wrong, he was a nice enough guy, just doing his job. So we talked a while about vehicles and he finally asked if I had thought about trading up. I said I probably wouldn't because mine had one option that I hadn't seen on any of the others on the lot.

He asked what that was.

I said a clear title.

He said "I can't argue with that"

I promised I would come see him when I got ready to trade. And I will. Just not right away.

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Springfield, MO

S at 10 mph


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