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How much $$ for you to Shave Your Head?

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I'm willing to shave my head......But I need $2,000 for the American Cancer Society. Then I will !!!

First, I absolutely hate cancer !!!  The event is called "Shave to Save"

Volunteers like me, step forward and are willing to shave our heads for the fight against cancer.

The minimum that has to be raised before we shave is $2,000. That's only 20 people who will pony up a hundred bucks. Can't do that...then do $50, $20 or $10. Pass the hat at the office.

You're doing a really good thing, and I'm the one who has to loose his hair.

Go to - click on "events" - scroll down & click on the Amercan Cancer Society logo - Support a Shavee - type in Rick Moore and donate !!!

People battling cancer are counting on us. God bless you.


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