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I text and drove! So what

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Just kidding! 

But it was close. The text came in and I began to hit buttons on my phone....BUT I STOPPED. I was in heavy traffic and I knew dang well I was distracted, so, I put my phone down.

Good for me.

But man was I tempted. I knew who the text was from and I knew it was important. I wanted to do it so bad!

I get Jerry's emails and sometimes I think they need to be shared.....Jerry say's....

Do not reject digital technology.

Take control of it.

  • Set limits on when and where you will make and accept text messages, emails or social media connections.  And stick to it.
  • Ban digital from dinner, have face time with people important to you and private moments away from digital availability.
  • Focus on faces – look into the eyes of those you are with. 
  • New rule:  anyone who is worthy of your time, gets 100% of your focus without distraction.  You decide who is worth this attention.  You can always catch up with your digital life later.  Maybe parents should rethink checking their cellphones at dinner with their children.

Just as the best marriages have togetherness and time apart in some kind of balance, our digital lives get better when we work at spending time away from devices.

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