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It's Everywhere!!! High Fructose Corn Syrup

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My wife Karen and I watched a news piece on high fructose corn syrup, how bad for you it is, and how it's in just about everything.

We began looking at things like our coffee sweetener. Tons of it in there. Check your pancake syrup, it's pretty much the only ingredient except for sugar. The stuff really is everywhere. We noticed there are some items at the grocery store now marked "no high fructose corn syrup".

I have a good friend who's in the honey business. She told us how the F.D.A. allows honey to contain 20% high frutose corn syrup and still be labeled PURE. One fifth!

If you want pure honey, really 100% honey, she sells it in Sams stores.

I guess this means we are going to try to go a little more natural around the ole homestead.

Nothing wrong with that.


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