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It's radiothon time!! The KTTS Radiothon for St Jude Children's Researh Hospital for 2014.

I visited St Jude for the first time and let me share what I brought back with me.

First, St Jude Children's Research Hospital is a very bright and cheery place. The kids, even tho they are fighting some of the worst diseases there are, smile. They make friends, they play and laugh, with kids who are just like them. That's important, because the kids they play with at St. Jude are going thru kemo and other crap too. They've lost their hair or have tubes sticking out of them and nobody makes fun of that.When I think I'm having a bad day, I think of them.

The people who work there are truly crazy about what they do and the kids they are helping and it shows.

The one thing, or the one man who impressed and excited me the most was a scientist who spoke to us.

He was telling us about the break thru's in gene therapy and how it had changed everything over just the past few years. How genetics was changing the way all kinds of diseases were treated. And what really got me was his level of excitement when he spoke about the future. How the research they were doing, right now, would have a huge impact, not years from now, but just ahead because of what they were learning about genetics.

St. Jude will also be using proton therapy soon, which directly targets the cancer. This is huge because it elliminates side effects to other parts of the body.

Please, join the fight.  Become a Partner in Hope by calling 1-800-3360-9727 or visit KTTS dot com.

Thank you.



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