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Is that your car? Are you sure?

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A few years ago, I walked up to a pickup truck, put my key in the door and it wouldn't unlock. I started cussing and "what the hecking", even went around to the passenger door and tried to unlock it. Didn't work. Just about then I realized, it wasn't my truck! Felt pretty stupid.

You know how manager types and always saying "take it to the next level"....I did.

The other day, I was walking up to a Jeep that looked just like mine. I pushed the button on the fob, opened the door and got in the drivers seat. I looked around a bit and noticed my little Bronco's logo wasn't hanging from the rear view.  Strange.  This one had a nice bright shiny dash board. And I looked down and saw clean "Jeep" floor mats. I don't have Jeep floor mats. I have those trays that catch snow and ice and horse poop when you get in.......Heaven have mercy....this isn't my Jeep!!

I bailed out and just started walking.

Sure am glad the owner didn't walk out just then.

On second thought, I would have reminded them to "Lock your dadgum doors, will ya!"




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