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Eric Church outsells all albums IN ALL GENRES this week with "The Outsiders"

Eric Church has the top selling album in the world this week with his new one, The Outsiders.

He sold nearly 300,000 copies of the album in its first week. And that trounced the competition.

He doubled the first-week sales of his last album, Chief.

Eric tells us that numbers don't mean much to him: ["I don't judge an album on, 'Did it sell more than the last one? Did it have more No. 1's than the last one?' That's not the way I view success. That's the commercial side. The way I view it is creatively, does it go somewhere the one before it didn't go? And with this album, I can absolutely say, it beats Chief in that regard, if we're trying to beat it, you know? I don't like viewing it that way. I think every record's its own thing. But from a creative standpoint, this is a more creative album. This is a more artistic album than we've ever done. for me and Jay, as the person that have made the albums, I can very easily look at somebody and go, 'Yeah! It's the best record we've made,' on that basis. Will it sell as many? I have no idea. (laughs) See, I can't control that, but I can control the creative bar, and we got over that.'





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