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What Scotty McCreery had to say.....

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So, we were hanging around backstage with all the "Take Me Backstage" t-shirt folks and Summer asks Scotty to tell us something about him that we don't know......and Scotty said....

One time his Mom made a batch of Rick Krispie Treats. Now Scotty loved Rice Krispie Treats so ate several of them.  Scotty's Mama told him not to eat any more of them, but did Scotty listen, no. He enjoyed a few more while hiding behind the couch.

When Mom found out, Scotty got grounded.

Well, Scotty didn't take to being grounded so he put the rest of the Rice Krispie treats in his little luggage and he ran away from home.

Scotty couldn't remember how for from home he had gotten, when he realized he was alll out of Rice Krispie treats, so, being the intelligent young lad that he is, he just turned around and went back home!

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