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Why now?

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The bad news - here at the station, we have a bathroom downstairs and the water line that runs into the toilet tank busted.

The good news - theres a drain in the floor there, and it was late in the morning so it was caught early.

The reaction - I'm now convinced that the same lines in my house are weak. I was on the floor, with a flashlight, checking them out..................just to be sure.  They've been on there for years. I should be okay.


The bad news - Propane shortage!

The good news - I checked my propane tank, three times, and it's okay.

The reaction - Went and bought a bunch more bags for the pellet stove.


The bad news - Got a notice of a recall on my Jeep that says there's a small chance of a fuel leak during rear collisions.

The good news - the dealership will fix it free and install a trailer hitch! Sweet

The reaction - I keep an even closer eye on people that follow me. If they're tailgating, I change lanes.

Mr. Carefree has turned into Mr. Paranoid! 

This is stuff six months ago I wouldn't have given a second thought to. Why now?

I hope it wears off soon!

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