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Best thing that happened to you in 2013

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What was the best thing that happened to you in 2013?

Has to be ONE good thing that happened in the past year. Could be a simple thing, like you lost something and then found it. Tried a new food and like it. Maybe you took up a new sport. You finally found that successful diet, or met the love of your life.

One very special thing happened in February. My wife showed me a picture, on her laptop, of a starving dog that a foster mom and a vet were working to save. They hoped to find a forever home for him.  

I said, "I want him". My wife said, "That's not funny". I said, "I'm serious, let's take him".

We did, and after not being strong enough to stand, he is now a robust and bouncing beautiful boxer named Rocky.

The poor guy has been through Hell, but unlike a lot of people, he holds no ill feelings, has no doubts about life, is sure of himself and is pretty much, the happiest guy I know. He's a walking lesson in forgivness and getting on with it. Wish it could be that uncomplicated for humans.

He makes me laugh outloud, at least once a day.  I love him.

And the "BEST" thing that happened to me in 2013 was being added to the KTTS Morning Show with Summer and Don and Jason.

How does a guy get so lucky?

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