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The topic of panhandling on the square is getting a lot of discussion. It's been called "unsettling at best, scary at worst".

 I'm not a panhandler, but I would think there are better locations than the square. What's the turnover of people on the square? It would seem to me that the folks working those really busy intersections everyday would fair better. Every time the light changes, you have a new crop of people stopping. And they can't go anywhere till the light changes, which gives them time to read the sign you made.

I drive through the intersection of Kansas Exp and I-44 everyday and everyday there is someone working the intersection, so it must be a good location or they would stop showing up. It's out of the main parts of the city. It doesn't get a lot of attention like the hipness of downtown. And there's a ton of traffic that goes through.

Seems to me panhandling is like any other business. Location. Location. Location.


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