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Answer the dang phone!

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On a WalMart trip this weekend I ditched the wife on purpose so I could grab some stocking stuffers without her knowing.

Now WalMarts a big place and finding someone is never easy, but I thought, she has her cell phone, no problem.

Got my stuff, checked out, and went out to the truck to check on the dog. Let the dog out to pee, got back in and said to myself..."no need to go back in, I'll just call her and let her know I'm waiting in the truck"..... answer....called back a few minutes answer.....callled back a few minutes later

Back in I go, and by a huge stroke of luck, there she is at the check out....

I said thanks for answering your phone, I called you half a dozen times to let you know to meet me at the truck....

"you didn't call me"

"yes I did"

holding up her phone....."do you see any missed calls listed there?"


"then you didn't call me"

"well I thought I did"

I can't win.........................


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