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The Snowfort!

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As a kid growing up in Colorado, there were lots of snow days to play outside in the sun!

We built lots of stuff out of snow, not just Snowmen. We built snowdogs and snowponies and a snow rabbit with gigantic ears. My favorite was a snowfort. We took military ammo boxes to use to make our blocks from. You need some serious mittens for this, because those metal cans get seriously cold after a while.

We worked and worked and worked till we had the bestest snow fort ever! Then the idea came to turn our snow fort into an igloo. Again we worked and worked and worked till we finally got a roof on it and it actually kinda looked like an igloo. We even made a little tunnel you had to crawl through to get inside. We had crawled in there and about the time we really began to brag about our incredible snow building skills........that's when the roof caved in!

A caved in roof and cold feet always signals time for some cookies.


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