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Christmas Crusade - How close are you?

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It's the KTTS Christmas Crusade for Kids. It makes you take inventory of some things.

Things like, how long could I go without working before the savings ran out and I needed help.

I've noticed some similarities this year. A lot of folks needing help are working, but not making enough, or not working enough hours. Others have big time medical bills. You have to wonder how long you could go before your resources ran out and you needed some help. It makes me appreciate where I'm at and what I get to do for a living.

The wife and I are going to adopt a Mom and her kids this year. I have to honest here. This Mom is asking for things that I take for granted everyday. At least I took them for granted till I read her story.

If you can, help someone out a little this holiday season. And let's all remember to give thanks for what we have.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless us all.

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