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Holy moley, the trucks broke!

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  I had a dashboard warning light come on, so I took my truck to a tranny buddy who has a computer diagnostic device. We hooked it up, said there were two different battery sensors that looked to be bad.

Oh boy.

   So I took it into the shop and they don't find anything "battery" oriented that was bad, but I did need one other thing done, so I said, "Fix it" hoping it might cure the battery sensor issue. Picked it up, drove home. All is good..

  Last weekend, I hook up my horse trailer and head over to a buddy's place and my battery gauge on the dash is going nuts. Next time I try to start it, nothing. Deader than a hammer.

  So, we visit another mechanic buddy, who the frist thing he checks are the battery cables. Two of 'em are loose. End of truck that won't start, and the end of the "battery sensor" issues. Amazing what happens when electronics have good connections.

Boy do I feel stupid.

Check the simple stuff first.

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