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Holiday budgets?

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Holidays budgets? Whachutalkinbout?

Sorry, but I eavesdrop at the Wal-Mart. I heard two ladies discussing their Christmas "budgets" and how much they were gonna have to put on the credit card, and how much a month it would cost, and...

"heaven's no girl, I ain't gonna tell him, he'ld fill his tighty whiteys".....or something like that was said, which means husbands have no clue about the "budget". Probably good.

I'm listening to these ladies and laughing inside thinking "budget"?

People make budgets for the Holidays?

Have I said how much I hate credit cards?

This is exactly why everyone needs to start their Christmas shopping early. Little bit at a time and you can pocket all that interest money, service charges, privledge fees, processing rake offs, tollerance tolls, membership moola, envelope expenses, ceo bonus bucks, lovable loyal customer dues, and all that other stuff the credit card companies come up with to charge you for.

At our house, we only have one credit card, and it never has a balance due. We do use it, collect the points for free stuff they give us, and then pay it off.

The credit card company just hates us.



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