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Answer for Obamacare website!

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Well, it's too late now, but I think this could have been a way to save us taxpayers 634 MILLION DOLLARS!

Have Google build that website for free! As soon as you enter the webstie there is a banner saying "Powered By Google". Everybody that signs up for insurance signs up for a Google gmail account. Everytime you open your health care account, you see a new commercial banner from Google. In trade for this, they build the Healthcare website. The site would work perfectly, because unlike who ever built the one there is now, Google is good at this stuff.

If Google doesn't want to do it, call Apple. It's called barter. You do something for me in exchange for something you recieve.

Call Microsoft. Gates and his crew are REALLY good at that stuff.

We taxpayers shelled out 634 MILLION DOLLARS for something the average radio advertising exec could have gotten us in trade.....FOR NOTHING.

You can't find someone to build a working website, and you want to run the healthcare system?

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