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Man's best friend and then some...

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Some of you may have seen pictures of the boxer we rescued. He cracks me up. Other boxer people told me how funny these dogs are and it's true. Just the way they look at you is funny. With that said...

A new survey by reveals that...

22% of pet owners have smuggled their pet into a hotel that wasn't pet friendly. (Guilty)

17.5% of vacationers called home and talked to a pet. (Guilty - I got my Aussie to speak)

27% have bought their pet a souvenir while out of town (Guilty - got him dog jerky)

22.5% carry a picture of their pet with them (Not Guilty)

I do have a picture of the Australian Shepherd I had before the boxer in my office. I'm not carrying it, so that doesn't count. I have pictures of my horses with their registration papers, but I don't carry those all the time, so that doesn't count. But wait.....I do have pictures of horses and dogs in my phone, so I guess if that counts, I'm guilty.


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