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Breast Cancer fighting foods

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I'm a Moma's boy and proud of it!  My Mom was a breat cancer survivor. My favorite story was when my niece, who knew her Grandma couldn't possibly do it, pushed my Mom, in a wheel chair, through an entire 5k Breast Cancer benefit run!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - From Health Magazine, these are, what they say, are some super cancer fighting foods.....

Broccoli - Research suggests, the more the broccoli the better. Add it to salads, omelets or top a pizza.

Berries - A half cup of berries a day! All berries are packed with cancer fighting phytonutrients. I get frozen berries and eat them as a frozen snack.

Tomatoes - Lots of lycopene, which was found to stop endometrial cancer cell growth. Biggest benefit comes from cooked tomatoes. The heating process increases the lycopene. Put spaghetti sauce on everything!!

Walnuts - Their phytosterols have been shown to block estrogen receptors in breat cancer cells, possibly slowing the cells growth. An ounce a day is recommended. Great snack.

Garlic - Crushed garlic is the most beneficial. Add it to soups, meatloafs, salads and casseroles. I put a ton of it in my chili.

Beans - Black and Navy beans are best. Dried beans particularly effective. Beans can be added to salads and many other recipes.

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