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Nobody loves Candy Corn!

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I'm one of many who has no love for Candy Corn.

In a survey by it was the least liked Halloween treat, so....

Other uses for Candy Corn -

Candy Corn rain stick - Take an empty paper towel roll. Pour in Candy Corn. Cover each end with duct tape. Shake.

Candy Corn vase filler - Fill a vase with Candy Corn. Insert dead twigs. Fall center piece!

Candy Corn Navigation System - Drop Candy Corn during your walk in the woods. The bright colors will help you find your way back and no wild critter will even think of eating them!

And my favorite....

Defend your castle - Perhaps you have local marauders. Melt down cauldron of Candy Corn. When the marauders attack, pour the melted candy corn out the upstairs window onto their heads!!!!


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