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from black snakes to lizards

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  This spring we had a skunk living under the back steps. This summer we had a pair of breeding black snakes hanging around, one of which tried to sneak into a doorway, much to the dismay of some screaching personnel.

  We have a group of deer that graze in the field behind our building. Part of that group is a pretty nice sized buck, sporting a fair sized rack on his head. I got a good look at it as I was talking to him and his girls one evening as I was getting ready to leave.

 Now we have a couple of those blue tailed lizards that have somehow gotten in.

 I'm thinking all I need to do now is capture a couple runaway city chickens, lock a couple of goats behing our fence, and if I bring in a horse, I could open a nice little petting zoo and reptile house.

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