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Check the oil!

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Just read where 9% of guys and 24% of women don't know how to check the oil in their cars. WOW

Well, I know HOW to check my oil, but I haven't done it in, oh, YEARS! Then I got to wondering why I don't ever check it. No oil on the garage floor? Blind faith? I don't know why I don't check my oil.

Heck, does anybody check their oil anymore? I don't think so.

Maybe it's cause there's a check oil light on the dash, that we know won't lie. Summer says her Caddy tells her what percentage of her oil life is left. Chalk another one up to technology. Cause after all, who wants to lift the hood and check the stupid oil.

C'mon, who wants to lift the hood at all.

I don't.


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