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So off we go to Gaston Resort in Lakeview Arkansas to spend some time with a native.

Justin Moore hails from little ole Poyen, Arkansas. It's where he learned to be honest and straight forward with an answer. To look you in the eye when he speaks to you. To hold dear the memories of the loved ones you've lost and the lessons they taught you. To be respectful of others, no matter if their King of the Hill or working folks trying to make ends meet. 

Justin explained how he wants his kids to grow up somewhere they can learn those lessons as well. So he's making a carreer in the bright lights of Nashville and raising a family in the same place his family raised him.

It worked out well for a country boy, turned country singer from Poyen Arkansas. And I got a feeling all that good stuff will get passed down to two adorable little girls too.

We saw the country boy, catch and grill fish, play some cornhole and laugh with his wife and kids.

We saw the country star tear through songs, with an audience singing along, while ten million bugs were swirling.

We spent some time with a country boy, a family man, a guy you'ld be proud to call your friend.

And we got to share some time with a heck of songwriter and a dang good entertainer.

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of "Off the Beaten Path" from a guy whose learned all about the bright lights of Broadway, and still loves what he finds on "One Dirt Road"


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