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Bull Riders are Crazy

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I like cowboys. Especially bull riders. They're a different kind of lot. I asked a Champion one time, why he wanted to get on two thousand pounds of angry animal that could stomp him, literally to death, and he told me it was 100% pure adrenaline. He also asked if I had ever riden a horse that was bucking, and I said sure. He said riding bulls was completely different. Bulls have rhythm, horses don't. He said, for him, it all went in slow motion. That when that rhythm was right, it was the most thrilling thing in the world and the dismount was easy, and that's the way he always envisioned his rides. I thought that was pretty cool, but I dang sure didn't want to try it.

 It's called Dollar Bull and it works like this.....

 If you have 6 people in your party, everyone hands a dollar bill to Person #1. Person #1 has $6 and the next bull coming out of the chutes. If that bull gets rode by the cowboy, Person #1 keeps the six dollars. But, if the cowboy doesn't make the buzzer, then Person #1 hands the six dollars to Person #2, and everyone puts in another dollar. Person #2 now has $12 and the next bull coming out of the chutes. If that bull gets rode, Person #2 keeps the $12....BUT, if the cowboy doesn't make the got it....Person #2 hands $12 to Person #3 and everyone puts in another dollar so Person #3 is now holding $18 and has the next bull coming out of the chutes. No one will cheer louder for a cowboy, than the person holding the pot!

Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not a big gambler, I like the PBR and fully respect the guys that ride, plus, the PBR is plenty exciting on it's own, this just puts an added spin on it.

****These rules DO NOT apply when Luke Snyder or L.J. Jenkins are riding, due to the fact they are the Hometown Boys and get a pass. You can also issue a pass to your favorite rider, at which point everyone must cheer for them to make the buzzer!!!

Stay safe cowboys, and good luck this weekend.

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