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The BIG change revealed!

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We hear people say change is good... Then why does it make everybody so nervous?

We’re going through some big changes here at KTTS. We’re in the middle of changing our computer system and it affects everyone. The change has us on edge, it’s new and we’re not familiar with it. Kinda like the KTTS morning show. It’s been through some changes of late, the latest being me! I know Summer well, I know Don and I know Jason. But there are a lot of you that I don’t know yet, and I hope to change that as soon as possible. It’s a change, but no reason for us getting nervous or on edge. I’ve done morning radio in Springfield for a long time, and this, this is the Big One. KTTS is like no other station in the Ozarks, and in some ways, like no other station in the country! It’s an honor for me to be in this position and I want us all to feel comfortable starting our days together. So, let me tell ya a little something about me. 

I grew up in Colorado loving the mountains. I bounced around a few radio towns till I landed in Springfield, some twenty years ago. Yep, I fell in love with the Ozark Mountains. The people here are like nowhere else. My sister visited for the first time and asked me, “is everyone here this friendly?” Yep. I love horses and am now down to two. I love scenic drives in the country and visiting the cool places we are surrounded by, whether it’s a neat little town or one of the cool natural attractions that surround us. I canoed a lot when I first got here, but have switched to kayaking. Fun ways to spend my days. I’m married now for nearly fifteen years to an avid Cardinals fan and we love Hammons field. Ice cream in a helmet anyone? 

I’ve gotten behind a lot of charities, and I deeply enjoy doing what I can to help our neighbors, and their critters. We recently adopted a near death pup that is now fifty pounds of pure energy, but more on him later. I hope you’ll tune in each morning, call us if you want, stop by and see us on location, or maybe we’ll bump into each other on a trail, a river, a concert, or maybe the discount or feed store sometime!!  If I haven’t yet, I can’t wait to meet ‘cha!  

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