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An important new song for you and your kids

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Every once in awhile here at KTTS we come across a song that deserves attention.  These are gems that come across my desk that are impactful.  Meaningful.  Well performed.  These are songs that make you think and feel.  They make you think about your family and your listeners.  

Kira Isabella is a brand new artist to us.  She's already a star in Canada at a very young age.  The first time I heard this song it immediately caught my attention.  It made me think of my daughter.  It made me think of issues that our kids face today that you and I never had to face.

This song is an important song.  It deals with a subject that we need to talk to our kids about.  It's not preachy.  Watch the video.  Listen to the song when you hear it on KTTS.   Embrace this song and it's message.  This is Kira Isabella and the song "Quarterback".

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