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8 Foods That Will NOT Make You Fat

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In my challenge to lose the 30 pounds I put on while undergoing chemo.  (Who Knew you could put ON weight while doing chemo???)  Oh, if you don't know ....I kicked cancer's behind twice now.  Chemo for colon cancer changes your taste buds and you eat lots of sugar and salt btw...

Anyway,...I found this list of 8 foods that will help you take weight off.  Problem is I only like 3 of them :)

1)  Celery.   Only 16 calories per cup.  You burn nearly as many calories as you take in.
2)  Kale.  Only 33 calories per cup.   Sorry,..I spent too many years as a young man stocking a salad bar at a fast food restaurant.  It's garnish :)
3)  Broccoli.  Only 31 calories per cup.  I like this.  It's on my delicious list!
4)  Purple Cabbage.  Only 22 calories per cup.  Lots of cardiovascular benefits
5)  Cauliflower.  Only 27 calories per cup.   I can eat it.  But I much prefer Broccoli
6)  Cherry Tomatoes.  Only 27 calories per cup.  Healthy people will say eat them instead of grapes.  But grapes are sooooo much sweeter!  :)
7)  Bell Peppers.  Only 30 calories per medium pepper.  I can cook with em,...but I would never eat one raw. 
8)  Spinich.  Only 7 calories per cup.  I can mix it in a salad with Romaine lettuce but for some reason I can't eat spinich by itself.

I've lost 10 of the 30 pounds so far.  But I attribute that most to not eating as many cookies!  Good luck in your weight loss goals.....

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