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3 reasons to dislike Canada

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First,...I do like Canada.  It's pretty.  People are nice.  I've visited several times and enjoyed Niagara Falls, the scenery, etc.   There are many, many country artists from Canada that are awesome people. 

But's hard to like you for three reasons:

1)  Justin Bieber.  'nuff said

2)  Metric System.  I just don't know how fast to drive or how much a litre is vs a gallon of gas.

3)  Polar Arctic temps.  We used to call it an Alberta Clipper.  Maybe Ted Keller can tell me what the difference is.  But come on....Canada.  Keep your jetstream to yourself and the frigid temps.  There is a reason they finish the Canadian Football season so early.  BECAUSE YOUR WINTER'S ARE TOO COLD!  And this dislike is from a guy who grew up in Wisconsin and enjoyed snow. 



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