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Justin Moore cool experience

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In all my years of being in country radio, I've been blessed to meet stars and get to go to some awesome places.

But this ranks right up there with one of the coolest, most heartfelt experiences of my life.

Before the Justin Moore concert,  I was told that Justin wanted to meet with me and Curly before his show.  This isn't an uncommon thing.  Curly and I often get the awesome opportunity to hang with the stars before their concerts.   It's something I always treasure.

Anyway,...Justin's record company person took me down to Justin's VIP lounge and we waited for him.  A few minutes later, Justin came into the room wearing a green shirt with an "M" on it along with a Packer "G".  I was a little surprised and couldn't quite figure out why he would be wearing a Packer "G".  Justin is a huge Arkansas Razorback fact his tour bus has the Razorback logo on it.

Justin turned around and on the back of the shirt it said  "Don't Mess With Mark Grantin".   I turned around and there was most of the KTTS staff grinning wearing the exact same shirt!

Backstory:  You may or may not know, but I've beaten cancer twice in the past 2 years.  Two surgeries and chemo included.  I feel lucky and fortunate.  My wife and friends will tell you I'm stubborn and a fighter.  Either way, I'm cancer free and fortunate.

Justin and his record company had been planning this for weeks.  My staff kept it a secret.   It totally took me by surprise and I can't thank everyone enough.  It really made my day.

I am a lucky man....





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