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My Top 5 Scary Movies

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Just in time for Halloween....My top 5 scary movies.  Movies that either scared me tremendously as a kid or I find scary later in life:

5)  Airport.  The original.  Not a horror movie,...but I saw it when I was a little kid.  My parents took me to the drive in movie theater (remember those?) I watched in my pajamas and the guy who sets off the bomb scared me to death.  Way to go mom and dad!

4)  Halloween.   The original.  I was a teen and I think I still have fingernail scars on my arm from my date.  We rode our bikes to the theater.

3)  Saw.  The original.  Watched it with my teenage daughter.  I think she asked for us to bring the nitelight back out of storage and keep it on in the hallway outside her bedroom.

2)  Jaws.  My parents had planned a family vacation to Florida the summer this came out.  They wouldn't let my sister and me see this until after we got back.  Good thing.  I don't think we would have gone in the ocean if we had seen this before the trip.

1)  The Shining.  Red-rum.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.   Jack Nicholson was reallllly creepy and scary.

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