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Where have you been?

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Maybe you noticed that I haven't been on the radio much in September.   I've been recovering from surgery.

You may or may not remember that about 18 months ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I had part of my colon removed and went thru chemo for 9 months.  Last November was my last treatment,... all the tests said I was cancer free.

Fast forward to this past spring.  My wife and I took a vacation to Vegas. Coming back, there was a guy coughing non-stop behind us on the plane.  I knew that with my compromised immune system I'd get sick.  Sure enough, I caught some nasty bronchial crud that wouldn't go away.  Doc gave me some antibiotics and said I should have an x-ray done to make sure it wasn't pneumonia.

Long story short, x-ray showed a small nodule on my left lung.  Biopsy showed colon cancer cells were in the nodule.  Who knew colon cancer could spread to your lungs??

Had surgery just before Labor Day weekend to remove the nodule.   I want to thank all the fine folks at Mercy Hospital for such caring and compassionate care.  The surgical team, the nurses, and the aides....all amazing.

And the food was good!

All the scans showed no cancer anywhere else.   I feel fortunate.  If some guy doesn't hack up a lung behind me on a plane, I never get sick, I never get the x-ray, and I would never know I had cancer cells in my lung.  It would be growing...I never had any symptoms.

Thanks to everyone who had me in their prayers, stopped by to visit, sent cards or flowers, or messaged me.  I appreciate everyone.

I'm slowly getting better from the surgery.   My surgeon said I was "tough guy" to come back to work even part time so quickly.  My wife will tell you I'm an idiot......  :)

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