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Something you probably didn't know about me

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Here's a new fun fact about Mark:

For a long time I was the stadium announcer for alot of Drum Corps Shows.  For about 20 years I used to travel in the summer and announce at alot of Drum Corps International and Drum Corps Midwest shows. 

It's kind of strange hearing myself on DVD's, CD's or on YouTube videos of championship shows I announced at.

I only marched Drum Corps once in my life.  My dad marched when he was young and later was a brass instructor with a corps called the Americanos and my sister marched with the Americanos and 27th Lancers.  I was too busy growing up playing baseball during the summer to march when I was a teen.

But here is a picture of my one and only time marching a show.  I was about 5.  My dad was a brass instructor and my mom made me a replica uniform.  My dad had me start the show and then run off the field.   I don't really remember it except back then I guess I received a penalty for not               wearing a hat :)


I'm the young boy in the middle. Pix is from 1967.

So if you or your kids ever marched in any Drum Corps International or Drum Corps Midwest shows in the '90s and '00's, I may have been the guy announcing your corps or your scores.


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