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Please be patient

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 Here at KTTS, we just installed a brand new on-air operating computer system.  

We had been using the old system for many, many years. It served us well, but it was becoming outdated.  So we just upgraded to a brand new system.

It's very different.

Imagine if you've ever rented a car or gotten in the driver's seat of your friend's car.   I don't know about you, but it's takes me forever just to figure out how to turn on the headlights or the windshield wipers.

It's kind of like that.  We're all familiar with basic computer systems, but it sometimes take awhile to get completely comfortable with everything.

So, please bear with us.  You might here some mistakes in the first few weeks.  Some dead air, some funny things.

We're just all learning on the job.

Oh...and it reminds you that KTTS is Live and Local.  We have people in the studio and we're here in Springfield just like you.

And....we're human.

Thanks for listening to KTTS and for your support.   We appreciate you.

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