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I did not impress my wife....

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I was one of the lucky ones that lost power at our house this morning.   I woke up around 3am, power was off and remained off until I left for work.

Early, around 5:45am, my wife and I were sitting in the den with KTTS on the radio.  Candles and camping lights on to give us some light.

I mentioned to her that in the olden days, she would have been cooking over a wood burning stove making her man a hearty breakfast.

She jokingly replied that she couldn't make any hot pockets or microwave bacon because the microwave wasn't working.

I then said that she could go out and start the grill and make that hearty breakfast for me.

Yeah....that didn't go over real well.

At that point I got the eyes rolling and the "I don't believe I just heard that and you aren't really serious" look.

I decided to change the subject quickly.

I still haven't learned when to shut up and not say the wrong thing.


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