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I am not cool

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Once again I was reminded that I am not that cool.....

Took my son Aaron to Culver's last night.  Aaron is autistic and loves plain cheeseburgers.  No condiments.  Just meat, cheese, and a bun.

The people at Culver's on the south side are really understanding and always talk to Aaron and make him feel good.  They are awesome with him.

Anyway,...we finish our meal.  Our routine then is to buy Aaron a vanilla cone for dessert. 

We buy the one scoop vanilla cone and we head towards the door.  Now, I forgot one thing.  I always take the little paper off of the bottom of the cone for him.

So we're walking towards the door, I'm trying to remove the paper, and I drop the cone.

Not only did I drop the cone,....but I could feel it slipping out of my hand so I tried to catch it and in the process knocked it up in the air.

I didn't catch it.   Delicious vanilla frozen custurd all over the floor right in front of the entrance.

I was soooooo embarrassed.   Proving once again,...I just am not that cool.

Oh BTW,...the friendly folks at Culvers cleaned it up after I apologized about a ga-zillion times and gave Aaron a free cone to make up for dad's spilled cone.


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