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Identitiy Theft Can Happen

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I got some awesome news over the weekend.

I'm the victim of Identity Theft.

Yup.  It can happen to anyone.  Never in a million years would I have thought it would be this easy for someone to get your personal info and steal from you.  Or at least try to....

I received an invoice in the mail for a credit card that I never signed up for.  Someone has my social security number and an old address I haven't lived at for a long time.'s an address I haven't lived at for over a year.   Thankfully the invoice got forwarded to me and I received it.

They've taken out a credit card in my name.'s that easy to pull off.

Spent an hour and a half on the phone this morning with the credit card company, Lifelock, Credit reporting agency, etc trying to clear it all up.   I feel confident that it will all be resolved and I won't owe anything or my credit rating won't be shot.

But it's very unnerving knowing that some scumbag out there has my personal information and is trying to steal using my name.    And it's also unnerving knowing that if this invoice hadn't been forwarded to me, I would never know there was a card out in my name.

When they say check your credit report it.   You never know when criminals will try to strike you.


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