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Things we learned about Cassadee Pope

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If you watched The Voice last season, you probably know who Cassadee Pope is.  She was the winner and on Blake Shelton's team.

Cassadee came to visit us at KTTS.  She is on something called a radio tour where she goes across the country meeting country radio folks and usually playing songs for them.  She played in our conference room and did an interview with Curly Clark.  CMT also was following her around with cameras for a special TV show they are doing.

Cassadee is incredibly talented.  She's sings awesome live and she plays a pretty good guitar with her 2 back up players.  Look for the video at

Between her Q & A time in the conference room, her interview with Curly, and her bio stuff from her record label, here are some neat things we learned about Cassadee.

1)  Every night on The Voice, she kept telling herself "I can't believe I'm here".  
2)  Stylists picked our her wardrobe for the show, but she got to wear clothes for them early on so they could have a sense of her fashion tastes.
3)  She didn't get to keep any of the clothes, they were all rentals.
4)  Christina Aguilera smells the best out of all the judges.
5)  She had to get up at 3:30am that morning to catch a flight to Kansas City.  Visited radio in KC and then drove here. 
6)  18 hour days are common on the radio tour.  Kind of like The Voice live days. 
7)  The Voice live show days were really long.  Rehearsals, dress, make up, the show. 
8)  She prefers football over basketball
9)  She like to cook, hike, shop, and go to the beach.
10)  Her celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio
11)  Her three "must haves" in her purse are:  lip balm, credit card, and ID
12)  She smells good too.



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