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Guys,...heads up.    Tonight on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Lena Headey will be a guest.

You might be saying to yourself....who?

She's one of the main characters on Game Of Thrones.  Plays the character Cersei.

I don't know her really either.  But my wife does and she's a huge Game Of Thrones fanatic.  The only reason why I know is every once in awhile I'll half watch the show with her while reading a book.  At least I'm in the same room with her when the show is on.

Now, wife doesn't really like Craig Ferguson.  One of those big male/female differences I guess.  I like him and think he's funny.  Her...not so much.

But when I told her this morning that I was DVR'ing his show and that this Lena was a guest, she got all excited and was going to tell all her friends at work.

So....if you want to score points with your wife or girlfriend, either secretly DVR the show tonight and surprise her tomorrow or at the very least tell her that this Lena is on the show.

Just my never ending quest to help you out and help you look good.

Your welcome.

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