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See this movie!

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I'm not a movie critic.  Most of the movies I enjoy don't end up winning Academy Awards.   But I do think I'm a normal guy with normal person tastes.

I don't normally get on a soap box and announce to the world:  YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

However, I would highly recommend seeing the movie 42.  

My wife and I went Saturday night.  Opening weekend and as you can imagine a pretty full theater.  But the interesting thing to me was the mix of people.  Kids, parents, little league coaches with their teams, married couples, families, couples dating......and a very wide variety of ages.

The movie is inspiring.  It is factual.   And it reminds us how messed up some people were in their thinking and sadly,....reminds us that there are people to this day who are messed up.

My great uncle pitched in the major leagues about the time Jackie Robinson broke the barrier.  I have almost all of my uncle's baseball cards, a scrapbook with reproductions of newspaper articles, a DVD of the highlights of the 1951 World Series that we pitched in.   Sadly he passed years ago when I was just a teen.  I wish he was still alive so I could ask him what it was really like to play when Jackie entered the National League.  I like to think that him being a guy from Wisconsin he would not be one of the terribly bigoted players portrayed in the movie.

The movie is very realistic.  The actors playing ball players can really play.   Clearly they used a computer to generate the old ballparks.  I have many books with pix of old ballparks and the movie captured Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds perfectly.

But it's not just a baseball movie.  It's so much more than that.

The best endorsement about the movie I can give is that something happened when the movie finished that I've never encountered.....

Almost the entire audience applauded.

Yes.  People who paid money to go to a movie actually clapped at the end.

It was that good.  Take your kids so they can learn history.


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